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So, the results of no social media month are in. I missed it very little, and it became very clear what a huge time sink social media has become for me. (Although I was sad to miss out on communication with cool people, I did not feel quite as lonely or isolated as I feared.) As I result I shall be keeping my social media presence minimal. This account will carry on existing for now, and may get used for organisation from time to time, but I'm definitely going to keep my presence here minimal. I'm not good at happy medium between total abstinence and excess, but I'm going to try only doing social stuff on Twitter, where it is difficult to get into prolonged engagement. (I am @sesquipedal there, and would very much welcome your friends requests.)

I still have nowhere to live come October. If anyone has any suggestions of cat friendly 1-2 bed places with good links to Chancery Lane and Oxford, they would be most gratefully received. Thanks.

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