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I should not check the Internet before bed.

Because when I do, I find things like the fact that [ profile] newvani has drawn a Tarot card of my Maelstrom character, Amélie.

And now, I'm bouncing about like a mad thing with no chance of sleep.

[ profile] newvani is such an amazingly talented artist. He's captured her (and the other characters) so perfectly, and not just their looks, their essence, their personality. How exactly can he do that using only pen and ink?

Piccies here.
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I seem to have a tendency to post in spurts at the moment.

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Back from a glorious weekend playing Maelstrom - many thanks to [ profile] damianobf for the immense organisational prowess that made his event probably the most hassle free one I have ever been to from a player perspective - a real boon after what has been a hellishly busy week.

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Got a message from [ profile] mr_snips this morning asking me to pop in when I returned, which paniced me slightly. Part of the hecticness of last week involved the transplantation of Nineve from [ profile] lanfykins' place, where she had been residing hitherto. Nineve was duly installed for a couple of months sojourn Chez Snips until I get a new place sorted. However, it seems she has not yet emerged from hiding, although she may have had some food. This being Nineve, we now have absolutely no idea where the feline escapologist has gone to ground, so I spent an hour or so wondering round with cat treat in hand to see if I could entice her out. No luck, sadly, but hopefully she will calm down soon and realise that her new enviroment contains nothing more terrifying than the occasional visit from [ profile] tea_and_cuddles, which, while often tonsorially disconcerting, should not really be a major cause of feline alarm. Further updates will be available as the situation progresses.

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