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Sep. 4th, 2008 11:41 pm
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... just tagged my last entry "pie?". Anyone like to own up/explain why?
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I don't seem to have said much here of late. I'm now into my first full week back at both jobs, and consequently knackered. Also, returning after hiatus means that I feel that I'm completely out of touch and have mostly spent this week trying to get my head back into the right place. It's been 5 weeks since NewJob, and that seems to be working out OK. I feel as though I've always been there, which I guess is a good sign in a way.

Maelstrom tomorrow. My character is such a slave driver - I've sewn on buttons for probably the first time in years. Spray starch and iron is the next stage. I swear, this character is so uptight.

I am glad of the wide brimmed hat I bought at huge expense. It is pretty waterproof, and I think that's going to be necessary.

Also, I bought fair trade socks from Boots. One pair (out of five) is purple. This fills me with more joy than it ought. Another pair is fuschia. Not pink. Never pink. Fuschia.

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