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This is not roleplaying wibble. It may look a lot like it, but it's actually about life. If you're interested in me, but not necessarily in roleplay I'd still say it was worth a read.

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You know how most cats kill sparrows and starlings? This afternoon I found what I assume was a dead pigeon in my back garden. (I wasn't going to look at it closely - it's resting in pieces in the bin.) There is an obvious culprit. The thing is she isn't much bigger than the pigeon was. Is this going to herald regular presents from now on? I do hope not.

Much panic this morning as I am unable to locate my purse. I decide to hold off on informing the credit card people as there's a chance it's in [ profile] markbanang's rucksack. Good job, since when in a calmer frame of mind, it occurs that I was holding the bike helmet and might have placed it inside that. Inspection of the helmet bag, which incidentally bears an uncanny resemblance to a bowling bag, reveals that sometime in between getting off the bike and putting the helmet away, I managed to forget I'd put the purse in it.

What's especially interesting about this chain of events is that in no sense did I remember what I'd did. I worked it out from first principles as the only logical explanation for the facts. This strikes me as moderately twisted.

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